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01 April 2011

April is Poetry Month -- Join Us for Annual Open Mic Night 15 April 2011

From Stan Wolzen,
Where In Dixon Did People Go, To Have A Cup of Morning "Joe",
Before There Was A Place Called "BOOKS ON FIRST?"
To A Restaurant I Suppose, Like Most Of The Populous Goes.
But That Does Not Thoroughly Quench Our Thirst.

Other Places Where People Meet, For A Cup of "Mud" And A Seat,
Miss That Special Coffee House Atmosphere.
The Thirst For Knowledge Every Day, Tends To Guide Us Over This Way.
It's Hard To Explain All That We Learn Here.

Some People Come Here Just To Chat, And There "Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That,
And Some Come Here Just For A Special Brew,
Some Come Here for The Latest News, And To Get Cross Sectional Views,
And Some Don't Have Anything Else To Do.

Whatever REason Taht You Came, Taste Bud Stimulus Or Your Brain,
I'm Sure You'll Find You Like The Atmosphere.
Java-Mud-Joe, Tea or Latte, A Choice Of Munchies Everyday,
Knowledge In All These Books, And "In The Air".

There's Something Else Making A Name, It's Books On First Musical Fame,
Saturday Night - Talent In The WEST ROOM.
A Flyer On Thh Post And Door, "Appearing Here - Name, Date And More,
Found Also On The Door Of The RESTROOM.

Thank You, Books On First*

*Larry, Carolyn, Brenda And All The Girls.

This was given to us from the self-described "poet of the Plains" (capital letters, underlined words and all).  Thanks, Stan.  You can hear Stan and others at our April is Poetry Month Annual Open Mic Poetry Night, Friday, 15 April.

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