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10 June 2011

Ann Patchett on Her New Bookstore

On Beattie's Book Blog, read about Ann Patchett speaking with Diane Rehm on NPR regarding her new bookstore.
My questions are:
a) Are we operating an icebox in the age of Frigidaire or Cryovac, freeze-dryer, Guinness "widgets" and instant-heat-pills?*
b) Can we really sustain a 3,000 sq-ft store?

Meanwhile, support Patchett and the bookstore by buying her latest book, State of Wonder, just released.  It is an IndieNext book.  See all IndieNext recommendations at the IndieBound website.

*A better comparison might be selling vegetables versus juiced vegetables.  Nowadays, people get their 9 helpings of daily vegetable requirements through a couple of chug-a-lugs.  There is no need to cook or to work that jaw eating pounds of raw vegetables.  It accomplishes the same result, right?

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