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31 July 2011

Art as Commentary or Just Plain Fun

Terry Border's Bent Objects: The Secret Life of Everyday Things is a fun art book in which there's a piece called "Gulliver's Travel."  It's a Kindle being tied up with twine by little printed bound books a la Jonathan Swift's encounter with the Lilliputians. I tried to find it on his website to show here, but found a different commentary on printed bound books instead.

Border's art also relies on a certain amount of wordplay as well as allusion.  One of the most clever (probably inspired by staring at the spice rack while making a no-recipe-but-always-good spaghetti sauce) is the two-part sculpture, the first part featuring a jar of Basil Leaves on a toy motorcycle and the second, a jar of Crushed Rosemary surrounded by spent tissues.  And, I like how his website allows the visitor to find an IndieBound store to patronize. Rock on, Terry.

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