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27 March 2012

Say It Ain't So, JK!

We were all so happy for JK Rowling's pottermore website, "we" being everyone who have always held the belief that whatever captures the imagination and desire to read is a good thing.  As printed bound books go the way of the dodo bird, pottermore promised to be the next Harry Potter fan's passion -- interaction, social media and eventually, digital download of the books.

And, now, that day has arrived.  Fans can download the Harry Potter books and carry them around on their Sony Reader, Nook or Kindle. As a deal had not been struck with Apple to sell through the iStore, "Apple device owners will be able to access the books through other retailer apps," says one report.  Hmm, what's missing?  Say it isn't, so, Ms Rohling, that you have left independent booksellers in the dust!  What happened to championing that little independent cafe around the corner where you sat (probably with one cup of tea) writing the first Harry Potter book?

And, what happened to IndieCommerce who have not been marketing our value?  Even if not as a Google e-book (but why not as a Google e-book?), we indies could have linked to pottermore as affiliates.  What will it take for people to think that we are able to sell ebooks?  Pass the word, will you, to anyone who will listen, but especially to authors like your favorites.

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