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01 April 2012

NPR and Speed Poetry

NPR's All Things Considered has been inviting a different poet each month to come in, observe its behind-the-scenes news gathering and then, come up with a poem.  That's actually pretty amazing that poets agree to do that, but in reflection, I admit it would be a challenge as well as being pretty good promotion.  Last month, guest poet Craig M Teicher come in.  He summed up the speed poetry composition as such, "Normally, I wouldn't have even shown this to my wife yet,"  which would have been my sentiments exactly (if I had a wife).  Impressively, he wrote a villanelle, which reveals his academic background, as that's one of those standard poetic styles which are taught in poetry writing seminars.  In March, it was Kevin Young's turn, who is also known for his editing of poetry anthologies and being bi-polar.  His sense of wordplay in the use of "cleave," a "self-antonym."  Needless to say, I am in awe of these graceful results under pressure, and look forward to this month April, which is Poetry Month.  

We will be celebrating with Open Mic Poetry Night on Friday, 6 April.  Continuing on a popular movement, we again have Poetry in Your Pocket Day, 26 April 2012.

We Real Cool 
     The Pool Players.
      Seven at the Golden Shovel.
We real cool.  We
Left school.  We
Lurk late.  We
Strike straight.  We
Sing sin.  We
Thin gin.  We
Jazz June.  We
Die soon.
-Gwendolyn Brooks from Jazz Poems, selected & edited by Kevin Young

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