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28 July 2012

See Poetry in Everything

Life is so automated, mechanized, digitized and streamlined these days that many of us tend to wallow in nostalgia and romanticize the past.  Well, the good old days are now.  When else in history have humans been able to choose how they wanted their steak cooked, in a frying pan on an electrical or gas-heated stove burner, atop a charcoal grill, or in a big stewpot.
But, where is the poetry?  That's been romanticized, too.  e.e. cummings showed that mere letters and numbers could be as poetic as Victorian words, yet here we are interrupting a marketer's dream of streamlined letters and numbers with a nightmare of words, as suggested by the Wall Street Journal's John Paul Newport with a little help from former US Poet Laureate and "stand-up poet"(1) Billy Collins for, of all things, golf balls.

(1) As ascribed by Chicago writer Rick Kogan

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