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31 July 2013

Vassar Continues to Keep Me Proud to Be Part of the Endeavor

I am always very proud to say that Vassar College is my alma mater.  There was a time, though, that I was a little embarrassed to say so, because it sounded like my parents were rich and I had led a privileged life that resulted in my attending and graduating from Vassar.  That is not the case, but only if "privileged" is used in the most common way and not to mean that I am fortunate to have had much for which to be thankful in my childhood.  In the financial sense, no, I was not privileged and one of the reasons why I am proud to say I am a Vassarite is because of our (the collective "our") commitment to helping every eligible young person who wants to attend, learn, grow and become a part of Vassar to be able to attend financially-worry-free for all four years.  Because of Pell Grants and other governmental assistance as well as many interest-subsidized loans and scholarships, I was able to do that.  Because of such Federal and state assistance, the contributions of Chicago Vassar Club and many other alumnae/i endeavors as well as Vassar's conscientious but prudent investment managers, others can still do that today.  Check out this latest mention in the New York Times.  Anyone can give a hand-out, but no one should ever scorn a hand up.  Thank you, Vassar.

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