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07 November 2013

And the Beat Goes On

So, last night, as I'm driving home, I hear the news on NPR: amazon.com wants to "share" with Indie booksellers -- 10% of any titles sold to that particular Kindle for up to two years after we sell it which we had to have purchased and stocked for resale from amazon.com at only 6% off the retail price.  Huh?

And how about all those wonderful readers whose loved ones have already given them a Kindle for a birthday or Father's Day or Christmas, because they thought this would be the best gift for a booklover (and they can still drink coffee and browse at Books on First while downloading the book from amazon.com)?

Hashtag nothing is free. 

We continue to thank you for your support and hope that you will realize that the time to save the whales is not when there's only one whale left.  And, that even if a feral dog stays with someone and eats out of that someone's hand for two years, it doesn't mean that the dog won't bite the hand that has fed him.  For a lousy 6% on devices (not to mention unreimbursed cost of shelf space and use of capital) and 10% on title downloads on those devices up to two years after sold by the bookseller (but not on any other Kindles as a customer may choose to designate), we are to be grateful the feral dog has come to our hand?

Let us know what you think.  Take the poll or write us at chin@booksonfirst.com.

REMEMBER, Saturday, 30 Nov is SHOP LOCAL DAY

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