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16 November 2013

You Don't Have to Wait Until Thanksgiving to Be Thankful

Had "Thanksgiving" today at our niece's home, taking advantage of the fact that Larry's sister flew in for a visit along with her two sons and their sweethearts.  Just like on the traditional fourth Thursday of November, we had a lot of people, a lot of food and some good talking.

That somehow makes having Thanksgiving books for sale not so early.  In fact, it seems like Thanksgiving is just around the corner, although it is one of the latest dates it can be.  I would have to count my fingers and toes to verify whether it's the very latest it can be, but I think that it is this year, 28 November.

And, we have a lot of great books to keep the children (and their reader helpers) occupied, entertained but still aware of just what we are all doing and why.  And, for all of us, there's Grateful: A Song of Giving Thanks which includes a CD with Art Garfunkel singing.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and a truly American holiday (yeah, yeah, we'll just ignore the fact that Canada and maybe even Burundi has a Thanksgiving, also).  It is not religious nor exclusively honoring one group or even one person.  And, almost everyone has the day off (except those unfortunate worker bees who must open the stores at midnight on Black Friday or even on Thanksgiving Thursday), so that they can really think about for what they could be thankful.  I know I will be.  

Happy Thanksgiving, All.

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