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24 June 2014

You Are That You Read

To continue with the notion that Reading is a life function, the American Pediatrics Association finally officially confirmed something that we suspected: reading to your children from Day 1 (or even Day 0 or Day -270) is a good thing.  (One of my former employers always used to say, don't make it a value judgment.  Something is not good or bad; it just is or is not.  Well, in this case, reading not just IS, it is GOOD.) 

Reading to a child at an early age leads to his greater literacy and intellectual development, further leading to earlier maturity and better career prospects, not to mention being able to spend more time with the child and re-read or discover some great books.  I think readers knew this years ago.  Perhaps those infants to whom they had read finally grew up to become pediatricians.

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