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19 September 2015

Cook Good, Do Good

Oh, my, call the language police! What kind of grammar is that? Just being ironic.

I would like to point out that the book cover grammatically correctly says, "Eat WELL [my emphasis] on $4/day." Yes!

The story is that author Leanne Brown used her Master's in Food Policy project to create a guide for those in the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or "eligible for food stamps").  She then created a Kickstarter appeal of buy one, give one, so that for each book "sold," she would give one away to a family in SNAP.

Publisher Workman Publishing is now doing something similar.  If an indie bookseller like Books on First sells 26 copies of this title (the quantity in one shipped box), Workman will donate 32 copies to a local organization helping needy families.

Larry and I have both perused this book and it is a great book for anyone.  The tips of what equipment to have on hand, what ingredients to keep as basics and what is called "method" -- how to cook dried beans and such, especially helpful for those just starting a kitchen or learning to cook, are still instructive for those of us who love to to cook and bake. And the results from the recipes -- everything from roast chicken to Peanut Chicken and Broccoli and Coconut Rice, from grilled cheese to potato leek pizzas -- are delicious.  Loaded with both tips and recipes for only $16.95, the cover is not false advertising when it says, "Good and Cheap."

What would be a little more helpful would be more tips of substitutions, either because someone did not buy the 2-lb bag of brown sugar or really would not even think of buying anchovies, because she absolutely does not eat fish.  Those kinds of tips might seem obvious, but why then have tips on other things?

Please come help your community and yourselves, by reserving a copy (or two) of Good and Cheap which makes a good gift for the college student or graduate going into a first apartment, or anyone who collects good cookbooks.

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