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01 September 2017

I Loathe You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Part II

And the beat goes on. (I know, mixed artists, but still in theme!)
I can barely listen the news or any talk anymore -- on NPR, even. Reporters, professors, government officials,... all starting their responses with "Yeah, ..." I can't listen to coverage on Harvey over Houston without getting overdosed on "Yeah, yeah, yeah." WHY? This is yet another breakdown of the American language and culture. Our vocabulary shrinks daily. I do not exaggerate. Why not use, "Yes," or "Correct," or "That's right," instead. Or, if it's just a filler so you don't sound inarticulate (oh, but you do), why not "mhm" or not put in fillers?
Once in awhile, I do get relief.  Someone will say, "Absolutely" or "Ja." (Or, is that "yeah" being shortened, like "OK" (military for "all clear) being shortened to "K" in speech and text messages. And, last night, I did hear someone say, "Correct," which made me resolve to write this blog entry just to thank the man.  Thank you, someone from the Silencio Band (I think it was the pianist) heard on Echoes with John Dileberto for bringing me back from the edge.

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