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29 September 2019

From On Being on NPR, Sunday, 29Sep (also on onbeing.org 26Sep)
Ms. Tippett:
And that is, for each and every one of us, interior work as much as it is work that we do in concert and in conversation and in shared life.Ms. Perry:That’s right. And it’s why — I love all forms of art, but there’s something very special about reading, because you are entering into a world with other human beings, but it’s very interior. There’s something very intimate about it, and so there’s this — it’s why I’m a writer. There’s a possibility to get to that.
To engage is another reason why we must read and fight for freedom of expression.

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jenna page said...

Stunningly intimate and loving guide for truth telling in a world bent on denying your humanity. Geared towards her sons, Perry’s words of wisdom as create a wikipedia page in her audiobook can have you breathless in wonder, in grace, in tears, and in laughter. This deeply personal open letter lays out the myriad of emotions that Perry feels as the mother of two Black sons. She treasures them and all their little idiosyncrasies, yet also frets over whether these same quirks and talents will be celebrated in a society that, more often than not, labels Black boys and men as dangerous.