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11 December 2010

Have you been waiting for a hard-to-find book you ordered?

A used copy of The Poem of the Man-God, Volume One by Maria Valtorta on Thursday, 4 Nov.  Since it’s come in over a week ago, we have been discovering that we have no record of who ordered it.  And, the time for discreetly asking key customers who order a lot of hard-to-find books is over!  Let us advertise our shame and get this book into eager hands and before eager eyes and brain.
If you are that customer, please hurry in to claim the book before we are forced to send it back and apologize when you finally come in to say, “You know, I ordered a book a couple of months back and haven’t heard from you…”
Hope to see you soon,
Your airhead booksellers at
Books on First
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In the Heart of Downtown Dixon
202 W First Street
Dixon, IL  61021
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