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09 December 2010

Art at Rock River GAP

I had written previously about Mark Framke and artist Sydni Reubin and believe it or not the Rock River GAP.  That's a cool name, considering "GAP" is short for "Golf & Pool."  The name evokes good memories of my only other experience with the use of that word/acronym with water is passing the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania each time we drove east/west between the Midwest and East Coast.  To

Now, I'd like to tell you about Art at Rock River GAP and about Sydni's show (with Bettendorf, IA, paper artist Dawn Wohlford-Metallo), now ongoing until May 2011. The promo for it showcases Larry's favorite, her painting of Mark Framke, executive chef at the Rock River.  So do not miss it live and in person, along with getting a good meal (although the menu is not quite where Mark wants to be yet, we highly recommend the house-made balsamic vinaigrette and potato chips -- not together, but that's just our taste).

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