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09 June 2011

Consider Us the Turtles of Entrepreneurship

Crain's, the business journal which used to be huge both in physical size and reputation (albeit as the "People Magazine of Business") in all the big USA cities (read New York Chicago, Atlanta, etc), has had like other print media to decide how to survive via the internet.  One is to continue its signature lists (the top hospitals, the top accounting firms, the top law firms, Forty Under Forty, Fast Fifty, ...)  Like the Wall Street Journal, Crain's has discovered the joy of videos.  One of my favorites remains Crain's Chicago Business's Lessons Learned from the Final Five of Fast Fifty Class of 2010, which I am happy to share with you.  It is a videographer's dream -- technique, gimmickry, good interviewing and editing, chief among the touches which impress me, not to mention first and foremost the advice given by these entrepreneurs. 

Of course, the advice makes me feel all the more hopeless, a businessperson who should know better (pull the plug, Carolyn, pull the plug on that moneysucking leech called Books on First!).  However, I take heart in knowing that we add direct income to three employees; sales tax, individual income tax and employment tax revenue to Dixon and Illinois, sales revenue to our vendors which include the largest and shrinking wholesaler of books, a growing toy company owned by husband and wife, the oldest continuously family-owned local newspaper, a small local grocery, a smaller coffee roaster, and a not-for-profit world handicraft organization.  On what else would a girl want to spend her hard-earned money?  Last but not least, we do still take time for outside interests, like family, animals, garden, concerts, travel and good eating.  So, that's why I so much like this video -- it boosts me as well as keeps me very humble.

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