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09 January 2017

The Storybook Project Continues!

Even while Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa only come once a year, new babies are born and unfortunately, new inmates into our prisons come, everyday.

The response from our customers to The Storybook Project had been wonderful over the holidays.  A new donated board book (or other book for the very young) is given to a incarcerated parent to read aloud and then, the book and the recording are given to his/her child to have and read along with the absent parent.

If you snowbirds missed the opportunity to give or if any of our great patrons would like another chance to pick a board book for a parent and child to share through a recorded reading, Books on First is set up to continue via our Storybook Project (done jointly with Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) and the Illinois Dept of Corrections),

Please do drop in and give the gift of reading, anytime.

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